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Without a doubt, Malawi's greatest natural attraction: Lake Malawi. This freshwater lake is no less than 590 km long and covers 20% of Malawi's total surface area. Lake Malawi is one of Africa's three great lakes: Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika and Lake Malawi. This lake was discovered by Livingstone in 1859, and is also the deepest lake in Africa. Snorkelers, divers and fish lovers will enjoy the 1000 different cichlids that live in the lake.

Don't be surprised if the ladies here are still doing laundry on the beach, while the boys are kicking a ball around! Villagers and you can enjoy the golden beaches and tropical environment side by side here. Of course, there are plenty of accommodations that are secluded and have their own private beach. So you can, without feeling awkward, enjoy this ultimate African beach destination in their bathing suits.
Originally a bustling local fishing village, Cape Maclear is located on the south side of Lake Malawi. The region surrounding Cape Maclear has been a National Park since 1980 and a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1984. Today this area is the most idyllic and tropical part of Lake Malawi. Logically, this makes it the most popular area on the lake. That said, the "white visitor" is still the exception rather than the rule here. The National Park is hilly and is full of palm and baobab trees. Especially the latter attracts many different species of birds. The osprey is guaranteed to be spotted.

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