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Our Specials during Covid Times


We have our special offerings all on booking sites, such as Tripadvisor,, Expedia & Hostel Work.

Be advised that given the times we do not discount further.

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Just so you know


We have experienced some troubles with our hosting and lost our site. Thanks to Malawi Travel we are now hosted again and they built a new site in no time. Thank you so much. However we do have to recover content and we hope to have all back online soon, perhaps tomorrow, Of course you can reach us via email or phone/whatsapp.


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Take a trip and see the Eagles


Fishing Eagles are truly majestic as they soar just above the water looking for their next meal. They are just one more incredible animal that make the wildlife in Cape Maclear so special and unique!

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News from the Mgoza workshop:


Tabletop planters made from recycled wine and liquor bottles, which will be featured in our restaurant! We will also be selling these at the Cape Maclear Recycle Shop (@sustainable_cape_maclear) when tourism opens up again!

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This is a Vervet Monkey!


Infants are cherished in their very complex social relationships. Newborns spend the first week of their lives clinging to their mothers’ stomachs. After about a month, they begin to move around by themselves and play not only with other monkeys, but young animals of different species as well. This is a unique behavior of Vervet Monkeys and they have a variety of wildlife to form relationships with at Otter Point, here in Cape Maclear.

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